Large Ensemble

Sonata for Orchestra in C minor (2017, orchestra)

this is a historically-information orchestration of Beethoven’s Sonata for Violin and Piano in C minor completed collaboratively with conductor Yaniv Segal

Chant-fanfare (2015, brass ensemble)

Kharybdis (2012/13, orchestra)

Throes of Love (2011, Youth Orchestra)


Bound (2015, mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble)

Chamber Ensemble

A Five-Note Chord, Seen From The Porch Of A Curious Mind (2013, mixed chamber ensemble)

Dark Spiral (2011, two marimbas)

The Ballad of Robin Hood (2010; children’s piece for wind quintet – rev. 2012 to include narrator) YouTube Video

Continent’s End (2009; concerto for violin and seven winds)


Djentdemic (2016, amplified percussion)


Late (2015, solo guitar)

Escapement (2014, prepared piano)

For Piano (2014, solo piano)

Contemplation on Tercentenary (2013; organ)

Eight Little Pieces (2010; solo piano)

Two Illustrations for solo cello (2007; solo cello)


Mechanismus (2014, stereo electronics)