Mapping My Musical Twitterverse: The First Fifty

Last December, I announced an ambitious series of ‘Observations’ focusing on the music of the individuals who self-identify as composers, songwriters or creator of music and follow me on Twitter. I began posting 100-word responses to the work of these talented folks on January 1, and, by now, have covered the music of fifty of my followers.


Why don’t we take a few weeks to spend more time with this music? Below is a list, in order of publication, of the writers-of-music whose work I have discussed and links to their websites or SoundCloud pages, if available.


I will re-commence my exploration on April 16. So, over the next five weeks, I will re-post the first ten installments of “Mapping My Musical Twitterverse”, so we can all re-introduce ourselves to the people and music that has made the first third of my project so worthwhile.


The First Fifty:

Elliot Cole

Kristin Kuster

Jennifer Jolley

Chaz Allen

William Zuckerman

Roger Zare

James Holt

Ken Ueno

D.J. Sparr

Donia Jarrar

Joseph Prestamo

Corey Smith

Armando Bayolo

Christian Carey

Garrett Shatzer

Steven Snowden

Joel Puckett

Tony Wardzinski

Steven Berryman

Steven Bryant

Kevin Wilt

Nick Norton

Alex Eddington

Thomas Deneuville

Patrick O’Malley

Joseph Eidson

Tina Tallon

Kenneth David Stewart

George Heathco

Laura Olson

Rusty Banks

Julia Adolphe

J.M. Gerraughty

Jessica Rudman

Aaron Alon

Amy Beth Kirsten

Franceso Di Fiore

Oliver Caplan

Joel Love

Robert McClure

Kevin J. Cope

Christopher Healey

Corey Cunningham

Hannah Kendall

John Arrigo-Nelson

Daniel Zajicek

Charles Halka

Dennis Tobenski

Thom Norman

Greg Simon



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